First blog post: “Just gonna say Hi, first!”

Hello, this is going to be my personal blog from now on. So, let me introduce myself first. My name is Adik Miftakhur Rohmah, born and raised in Indonesia. I am currently attending Uni, it is my second year now. I love to read novels or anything readable. Anyway I used to have a personal blog somewhere here on  the internet, but I could not access it as of now. How sadly! Then I come into conclusion, I would never ever create a new blog until now. I do not know what I will post in here, mostly book review since the fond of reading kicking in. One more thing, I probably will not post anything in this two weeks or so. So just bare with me, I am on my planning to post a new article once I am done with my reading session. Sooner, I hope. This is supposed to be an introduction, I am going to end it now. Nice to meet you and enjoy !