The Forest Spell (Kaine Academy Book 1) by Megan Kempston – REVIEW

Let’s take a look at this description below first, before I write down my review to it.

Title       : The Forest Spell (Kaine Academy Book 1)
Author  : Megan Kempston
Pages     : 360
Published October 31st 2016 by Megan Kempston


Kaine Academy is a lot of things-prestigious, expensive, well-situated in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains-but it’s definitely not normal. When Zie Harris starts the year as a sophomore transfer-and the school’s only half-elf-she knows she’s in for adventure. She just assumed it would involve more ignoring shifter arm wrestling matches while trying to study and less actual danger. Autumn Munro and Hal Hayes, on the other hand, have been teaching at Kaine long enough to know it’s best not to assume anything at school. The hedgewitch and the wizard always have their hands full with cheeky students and cheekier coworkers, and this year is no different. But when Zie finds evidence of dark magic in the forest, things get a lot more complicated. Soon, Zie, Autumn, and Hal find themselves banding together-along with an ornery chickadee, a loquacious squirrel, and trees of all shapes and sizes-to try to save themselves, the school, and possibly the world. No pressure or anything.

My rating : 4/5 stars

My thoughts about the copy goes like wow it’s such a good book. Honestly, yess!! I found it intriguing a lot. It’s not that usual when an author picked a point of view or two from the older character(s). I mean, let me tell you that there are 3 main characters in the book. They are Hal, Autumn, and Zie which Hal and Autumn are Zie’s teacher. That’s a very good point for Megan. I hardly find an author which uses it a lot. The story talked about fairies, witches, magic, black magic, etc. So if you’re a giant fan of Harry Potter world, you definitely should check this one out. I love the way Megan wrote the story, she used first person point of view. It’s a plus point because it will help you to understand the story-line.

The minus point is on me. I’m not that huge fan of magic world, even though Harry Potter is my favorite, but still not all of magic world is my favorite. The book changes character a lot. Plus the short chapters make me want to stop reading for a bit then continue it later or the next day. That’s the matter. That’s why I prefer to read some book with medium-long chapters in it.

Anyways, I gave it 4 stars because the story-line is understand-able. You don’t have to read it twice or thrice to get to know what the author wants to entertain to the readers. Ah, and the book smell though, I believe you will never want to be separated to it, once the book is on your hand. That’s another plus point here.

Yet, the books haven’t even been available on bookstore near by, just yet. But you can read it on you Kindle Unlimited Apps, if you want to. Or the least thing you can do is to contact the author yourself to get information where to buy the copy because Megan self-publishing it.  I, myself, got a copy from Megan directly, while she hosted a giveaway on twitter a few months ago. Thanks a lot, Megan.*

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