Broken by Nicola Haken – REVIEW

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Here I go again, updating my blog with a book review. It’s a M/M book that would definitely make you cry.

Title      : Broken
Author : Nicola Haken
GoodReads Rating: 4.33
Edition : E-book
Pages     : 404
Published February 29th 2016

When Theodore Davenport decides to switch his mundane job for a career, he walks into Holden House Publishing with enthusiasm and determination to succeed. As he settles into his new role, makes new friends, and dreams of making it to the top, everything is going to plan.

Until he meets James Holden, CEO of Holden House.

James Holden hasn’t been able to stop thinking about his encounter with the timid man he met in a club bathroom last week, and when he discovers the one haunting his dreams is an employee, he can’t seem to stop himself from pursuing him.

Just a little fun – that’s what James tells himself. He can’t afford to care for someone who can never reciprocate, not once they find out who he really is. James believes nobody deserves the burden of being attached to him. He’s a complicated man. Damaged. Difficult. Demanding.


Is Theodore strong enough to confront James’ demons? More importantly, is James?

Please note:This book contains scenes of self harm, mental illness and suicidal ideation which may be uncomfortable for some readers.

“I fell in love with you at your worst. I’ve had some of the best times of my life with you at, you say, your worst. So I can’t even imagine how special life will be when I get to experience your best.”


5 STARS out of 5

I don’t want this wonderful book to end. That’s the very thought that came up to my mind while reading the last chapter. :((

Honestly, I don’t have that many words to express my feelings after reading this one. Sad, Happy, grateful are the only three that I could write in here. I loved it since reading the first sentence, it started with a one-night stand, and ended up with partnership. I discussed it a lot with a friend of mine once started reading it. I loved the Theo character, pretty much. He’s the only one I really wish to meet with in real life. His patient, his loyalty for James though, even James tried his hard to push him away because of his mental illness, but Theo kept staying for him. James’s not who you think he was. Inside, he’s very broken, need a shoulder to lean on, and yesss, I was so happy for knowing Theo was there by his side.

The most heartbroken moment was when apparently James was on his very bottom state. I felt for him. He did the only think that would’ve been stopped for everyone around him. I might say that he disguised himself well.

“Broken crayons can still colour.”

Over all, I loved the entire book, and 5 stars for Nicola. This was the first book I’ve ever read from Nicola and my heart already ached. Higly recommended for you, if you’re into mental illness books, yet it may still trigger you as well, if you can’t cope with it. Contains self-harms, suicidal attempts as well. Please be careful. 🙂


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