Hey Guys, I AM back !!

Good morning.

It’s been a little while, almost 3 months to be quite honest since the last time I ever wrote a review or my rambling right over here. I apologize for being away that long. But my finals and internship got in the way. What could I do than gave them all my thoughts, right? But now, I am still on my holiday till February 4th, so I will definitely try my best to post review and improve my blog. I mean by improve is like to write some articles other than reviews, such as #booktag (I don’t really know about it though, but people been talking a lot about it, I really give it a try. So if you have ideas about it, please comment below, it surely helps me a lot). There’s a few stuffs too I’d like to write down on my blog, if it’s possible though. Just wish me luck, yeah? 🙂

So, it’s January still and I haven’t said a “happy new year” for you guys who’s been following me or reading my blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR guys !! Hope you guys had a wonderful new year. Anyways what’s your 2018 resolution? Mine is (actually I have posted this one on my bookstagram handle, yet I’ll write it down here as well) reading 22 books (because I’m going to turn 22 this year. Also, improving my book photography skill is on top of my 2018 resolution. 🙂 What’s yours?

Have a good brand new year people !!

2 thoughts on “Hey Guys, I AM back !!

  1. Hope your finals went ok. Happy New Year to you as well. This year I didn’t make any resolutions. I never keep them any way. LOL.


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