Breaking Point by Shane Brown – REVIEW

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How are you? Sorry for being away a lot these past days. But seriously guys, a new semester makes me to catch up with my new schedules as well. So yeah, I apologize for posting one article in a week or two. I feel bad about it.

So today, I’m going to write a review about a second book I read back in January which is part of my 2018 reading challenge. The book is Breaking Point by Shane Brown. So here it is.


17364814Title                          : Breaking Point
Author                      : Shane Brown
GoodReads rating : 3.67
Edition                     : kindle
Pages                        : 217
Published February 4th 2013 by SLB

Description             :
James Marsh is sixteen years old and in his final year of high school. He has been suffering from bullying for months at the hands of Jason Mitchell and his friends but, as they return to school after the Easter break, Jason takes his tormenting to a whole new level. As James struggles to cope, Andrew Mitchell, a teacher at the school, finds his hands tied when he tries to help him.

“Breaking Point” is a novel about homophobia in our schools, and talks about the sides of bullying which are rarely talked about by the victims, the schools or the media. Recommended for 14 years and upwards due to some more adult themes.

You could also read the book description here.


MY RATING  : 🌟🌟🌟🌟


I finished my 2nd book today. Yay !! I finished my 2nd book today. Yay !!

The book kind of changed my mind a lot. The book is about a teenage boy, 16 years old if I’m not mistaken (sorry, I haven’t read the description yet while writing this review) who gets bullied by his school mates, James. James used to have a friend, Paul who betrayed him to join the bullies team. Just imagine it does happen to you, yikess!! I’ll hate that people so much if it happens to me.

Long story short, by middle of the book, the two (James and Paul) made up, but it’s only for a really short time, considering the bullies caught the two lovebirds. Oh God!! My feels though.


I’m not that fond of Paul. First, Paul, because he’s only minding about himself, couldn’t stand up for what’s best for him. Yet I kinda felt for him for being alone at his ‘broken’ home. Poor Paul !! But I do like James and Andrew. James, for finally standing up for himself against the bullies. Go for it, James!! You’ll beat them. Karma does exist though. And Andrew for being such a supportive teacher. He’s like a knight for James for helping James here and there to get thru the bullies and to make a better situation. Well, I don’t really like the Bullies though, just you know, Bullies. hmmm



I love how Shane chose the language, it’s understandable and I didn’t need to read twice to get the information Shane’s about to tell. Yet, the minus point here is Shane used such a very long preambule (you might say that), so it’s boring a little when you read the first few chapters. I, myself, almost put it down, but I was just like “Arghhh, I’m curious as to what will happen next, I’ll give it another chance”. But by the few last chapters, the story got more interesting, at least for me. The cliffhanger does happen there. *wink-wink*

Over all, I highly recommend this one to read on your free time. Duh !!

That’s all, hope you enjoy my review. Until next time with another review. 😉



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