If you have an upcoming book and want me to read it earlier then post a review of your work on my blog or social media, please contact me using this form below.

I would love to receive:

  1. Physical Copies (I appreciate this edition a lot, it’ll be on my priority list)
  2. Electronic Copies (I only read an Epub version. No mobi or PDF please)

From now on, I only read and review these genres:

  1. Contemporary,
  2. Young Adult,
  3. New Adult,
  4. Diverse Books,
  5. Mental Health Fiction,
  6. Dark Theme Fiction.

I don’t read and review (at this moment):

  1. Science Fiction and
  2. Fantasy.

First, I will definitely read the book description, if it suits me then I’ll take it. Feel free to contact me. 😉 Please put the details as well on the form (So I’ll consider it), such as book description or a link that connects to the book description, when shall I post the review (I only post it on my blog, Instagram, share it using my twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, bloglovin. Just tell me which social media you want me to post it, alright?), et cetera.

I will probably get back to you once the review is posted. Just tell me if you want me to. 

Or if you want to discuss with me about books, something related to law or even One Direction I definitely am up for that. Fill the form below.