[Book Review #7] Backlash by Sarah Littman

Another book I would love to review. Here’s the blurb for the book you’re going to get a review from me. 😉

Title         : Backlash
Author    : Sarah Darer Littman
Edition    : Kindle
Pages       : 336
Published March 31st 2015 by Scholastic Press
GoodReads Rating : 4.14
Description :

“He says: You’re an awful person.
He says: What makes you think I would ever ask you out?
He says: The world would be a better place without you in it.

Lara just got told off on Facebook.

She thought that Christian liked her, that he was finally going to ask her to his school’s homecoming dance. They’ve been talking online for weeks, so what’s with the sudden change? And where does he get off saying horrible things on her wall? Even worse – are they true?

It’s been a long time since Lara’s felt this bad, this depressed, this ugly. She’s worked really hard to become pretty and happy – and make new friends after what happened in middle school.

Bree used to be best friends with overweight, depressed Lara, but constantly listening to Lara’s issues got to be too much. Secretly, Bree’s glad Christian called Lara out. Lara’s not nearly as amazing as people think. But no one realized just how far Christian’s harsh comments would push Lara. Not even Bree.

As online life collides with real life, things spiral out of control, and not just for Lara. Because when the truth starts to come together, the backlash is even more devastating than anyone could have ever imagined.”


My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is becoming one of my favorite books so far. It tells all about cyber-bullying, self-harms, and such. I gave it 5 stars out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Anyways I’ve been reading some mental illness books a lot these days. Those type of books are just pretty interesting story to read. Continue reading “[Book Review #7] Backlash by Sarah Littman”

[Book Review #6] Arianna (Behind the Words #1) by Savannah Stewart

It’s been a while since the last time I post my review. I’m going to review another book here, even I read it a few weeks ago, yet leaving a review won’t hurt anybody. So, here is the blurb of the book I’m willing to review today. Check it out first!!

Title       : Arianna (Behind the Words #1)
Author  : Savannah Stewart
Pages     : 346 pages
Published February 7th 2014 by Createspace

Arianna Moore is one half of the female rock duo, The Daughters of Darkness. She has walls built up around her heart that are taller than any skyscraper. But when an unexpected gig throws her and Jayde Kimberland a deal of a lifetime, Arianna finds herself intertwined with the rock star bad boy, Bryden Rowe, who leads the platinum selling rock group, From Yesterday. His reputation isn’t the best and she doesn’t want to be another notch on his belt. Will she be able to keep those walls firm in place or will Bryden be the one to finally knock them down? When the past comes knocking on both their doors, emotions run high, and tensions run even higher. Will they be able to break past all the barriers and find comfort in one another or will it only last while on the road?


My Rating: 4/5 stars

I am totally falling in love with this book. The very heartbreaking Arianna’s past took me to turn back time. My emotion got the best of me, making me almost shred the water in my eyes to come out. I’m giving 4 stars out of 5 because there are few inappropriate scenes here and there which made me uncomfortable and cringe a lot :D. Continue reading “[Book Review #6] Arianna (Behind the Words #1) by Savannah Stewart”

[Book Review #5] Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

This my second bahasa Indonesia book I read for my Reading Challenge. So I will do a review in bahasa Indonesia first, then translate it to English. But remember, I ONLY put the description in bahasa Indonesia, to keep it as original as possible. If you want to read the original description, I suggest you to look it up on goodreads.

Judul        : Thirteen Reasons Why
Penulis    : Jay Asher
Halaman : 287
Published October 11th 2011 by M-pop (Penerbit Matahati)

Deskripsi :

Clay Jensen kembali dari sekolah dan menemukan kotak misterius yang ditujukan untuknya di teras rumah. Dalam kotak itu dia menemukan beberapa kaset yang direkam Hannah Baker—teman sekelas sekaligus cewek yang ditaksirnya—yang bunuh diri dua minggu sebelumnya.

Hannah sudah meninggal. Rahasia-rahasia gadis itu seharusnya terkubur bersama jasadnya. Namun, Hannah menjelaskan tiga belas alasannya memutuskan mengakhiri hidup. Clay salah satunya. Dengan mendengarkan kaset itu, Clay akan tahu mengapa dirinya termasuk dalam tiga belas alasan itu.

Sepanjang malam, Clay mendengarkan kaset itu. Clay mengikuti petunjuk dari kaset Hannah menyusuri kota kecilnya… dan apa yang dia temukan mengubah hidupnya selamanya.


Review Penulis : 5/5 stars

Buku ini masih termasuk kedalam genre Young Adult dengan mental health juga di beberapa bagian cerita, yang mana genre buku yang baru aku sukai beberapa waktu ini. Di prolog, aku masih sedikit bingung dengan cerita tersebut mau dibawa ke mana. Karena scene pertama yang terjadi yaitu di kantor pos yangmana aku pun gak punya ide apa yang tokoh utama (Clay Jensen) itu dilakukan di kantor pos itu. Namun, berdasarkan kesimpulanku prolog tersebut merupakan kejadian yang sedang terjadi. Continue reading “[Book Review #5] Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher”

[Book Review #4] Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma

This is my fourth book I have read for my Reading Challenge 2017. I will put the description first, just before I do the book review. Here we go.

Title     : Hurt
Author: Tabitha Suzuma
Pages   : 400
Published September 5th 2013 by Random House

At seventeen, Mathéo Walsh appears to have it all. He is a champion diver and a hot prospect for the upcoming Olympics. He is a heartthrob, a straight A student and lives in one of the wealthiest areas of London. He has great friends and is the envy of many around him. And most importantly of all, he is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Lola. He has always been a stable, well-adjusted guy . . .

Until one weekend. A weekend he cannot seem to remember. All he knows is that he has come back a changed person. One who no longer knows how to have fun, no longer wants to spend time with his friends, no longer enjoys diving. Something terrible happened that weekend – something violent and bloody and twisted. He no longer knows who he is. He no longer trusts himself around people: he only wants to hurt, wound and destroy. Slowly, he begins to piece back the buried, fragmented memories, and finds himself staring at the reflection of a monster.

Tormented, Mathéo suddenly finds himself faced with the most devastating choice of his life. Keep his secret, and put those closest to him in terrible danger. Or confess, and lose Lola forever . . .

Source: GoodReads

My review : 5/5 stars

This one is definitely my kind of story I read. It’s a Young Adult which the main character suffers from mental health. I was so sorry for spoiling a lot the story-line on my VERY first review and still am, so I will never do that again. Continue reading “[Book Review #4] Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma”

[Book Review #3] The Forest Spell (Kaine Academy Book 1) by Megan Kempston

Let’s take a look at this description below first, before I write down my review to it.

Title       : The Forest Spell (Kaine Academy Book 1)
Author  : Megan Kempston
Pages     : 360
Published October 31st 2016 by Megan Kempston


Kaine Academy is a lot of things-prestigious, expensive, well-situated in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains-but it’s definitely not normal. When Zie Harris starts the year as a sophomore transfer-and the school’s only half-elf-she knows she’s in for adventure. She just assumed it would involve more ignoring shifter arm wrestling matches while trying to study and less actual danger. Autumn Munro and Hal Hayes, on the other hand, have been teaching at Kaine long enough to know it’s best not to assume anything at school. The hedgewitch and the wizard always have their hands full with cheeky students and cheekier coworkers, and this year is no different. But when Zie finds evidence of dark magic in the forest, things get a lot more complicated. Soon, Zie, Autumn, and Hal find themselves banding together-along with an ornery chickadee, a loquacious squirrel, and trees of all shapes and sizes-to try to save themselves, the school, and possibly the world. No pressure or anything.


My rating : 4/5 stars

My thoughts about the copy goes like wow it’s such a good book. Honestly, yess!! I found it intriguing a lot. It’s not that usual when an author picked a point of view or two from the older character(s). I mean, let me tell you that there are 3 main characters in the book. They are Hal, Autumn, and Zie which Hal and Autumn are Zie’s teacher. That’s a very good point for Megan. I hardly find an author which uses it a lot. The story talked about fairies, witches, magic, black magic, etc. So if you’re a giant fan of Harry Potter world, you definitely should check this one out. I love the way Megan wrote the story, she used first person point of view. It’s a plus point because it will help you to understand the story-line. Continue reading “[Book Review #3] The Forest Spell (Kaine Academy Book 1) by Megan Kempston”

[Book Review #2] Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Review buku kedua dalam Reading Challenge 2017 ini akan menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris. Hal tersebut dikarenakan buku yang dibaca merupakan buku terjemahan yang berjudul Pride & Prejudice. Dilain sisi, penulis tidak ingin melupakan pembaca blog dari luar negeri pula. Dimana ringkasan dan review berbahasa Inggris akan diselipkan setelah review berbahasa Indonesia. Ringkasan buku juga akan diberikan dalam bentuk Bahasa Indonesia  dan akan dicantumkan dalam artikel ini.

Judul      : Pride & Prejudice
Penulis  : Jane Austen
Dicetak pada 14 Januari 2015 oleh Penerbit Qanita

Deskripsi :

Elizabeth Bennet dan Fitzwilliam Darcy sama sekali tidak mempunyai kecocokan bahkan sejak mereka belum saling mengenal. Elizabeth menilai Mr. Darcy sebagai pria yang sok, angkuh, dan mengesalkan, sementara Mr. Darcy menganggap Elizabeth tidak anggun dan terlalu sering berprasangka.

Untuk waktu yang lama mereka saling bermusuhan, bahkan seringkali melontarkan sindiran-sindiran pedas terhadap satu sama lain. Kebencian itu tanpa mereka sadari berangsur menjadi ketertarikan yang mendalam. Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, Elizabeth melihat sisi lain dari Fitzwilliam Darcy, bahwa dia bukanlah sekedar pria arogan atau angkuh seperti yang selama ini ia sangka.

Dalam Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen menuangkan detail yang memikat mengenai kaum menengah ke-atas pada abad 18. Karakter-karakternya yang memukau membuat novel ini menjadi salah satu roman paling populer sepanjang masa.

Review Penulis : 3/5 stars

Sejujurnya, penulis merupakan salah satu penggemar dari film Pride and Prejudice, karena pernah melihat filmnya dahulu sebelum membaca bukunya. Namun, ketika mencoba untuk membaca buku, yang dirasakan penulis adalah bosan. Mungkin hal tersebut dikarenakan buku terjemahan yang lebih tebal dua kali lipat daripada versi originalnya, sekitar 570-an halaman. Di awal cerita, penulis bisa masuk kedalam alur cerita, namun sayang ketika sudah memasuki halaman sekitar 100-an halaman penulis merasa bosan. Mungkin gaya bahasa yang tidak familiar dengan bacaan penulis. Walaupun demikian, penulis tetap melanjutkan dengan memaksakan diri masuk kedalam cerita, namun tetap saja tidak berhasil. Continue reading “[Book Review #2] Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen”