New Year, Life Changes.

Happy New Year!! I know it has been 14 days since the first day of 2017. But it’s still worth, right? It also has been a while since the last day I posted something here. Like I said before, I am planning to dedicate this blog for my new hobby, book blogger. yayy!! It’s not really that new for me. Reading’s been my hobby since I was in middle school, yet I had to stop doing it a moment when the finals and Uni preparation kicked in. Here I am, trying to follow up my hobby again. So, speaking of book, I have set my reading challenge in 2017 which is 35 books. It would mean a lot to me if I could reach this goal. Wish me luck! These 14 days of 2017, there were 3 books I have read, I’m reading my 4th book at the moment. wohooo!! Plus, currently I am working on my reviews for the books I have read, which I hope I could post it here as soon as possible.


Have you set your 2017 reading challenge yet? How many books do you wish to read this year? I’d really love to get to know you guys. Answer the Qs on the comment bar. 🙂





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